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Letting the story come to you…

I really need to stop stressing over certain things – specifically over-preparing for freelance assignments. I’ve found that I have a tendency to psyche myself out prior to going out and covering an event in a pinch-hit scenario. I attribute it to having reported primarily on beats for the better part of the last six … Continue reading


I am a young, mobile journalist with extensive experience in sports and profile writing and am also adept at multimedia storytelling. In nearly a decade in the field I have reported, shot still photos, shot and produced video, recorded and mixed podcasts, spearheaded social media promotion to drive online traffic and managed web content.

I’m currently living in the Los Angeles area looking for full-time work doing any combination of the above or something new utilizing that skill set.

So have a look at my résumé, a sampling of my clips, or videos I have produced and see if I'm the candidate for you.